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Cannabis and Your Health

Meet C.J.-

So, why the glasses? I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it has manifested itself in my eyes, leaving me with constant “photophobia” or light sensitivity and pain from glare. I also have a condition called Ehlers/Danlos Syndrome, and I treat my pain from both with cannabis. All of the information imparted to you is derived from scientific study (citations upon request) as well as from treating my own conditions since childhood.

Having had over thirty operations on my body, minor and major, I have learned how and when to use different chemovars (strains) of cannabis to allow me to keep my pain at a level that allows me to function and be a productive, happy person. Let me teach you?

Cannabis Consultation
411 On 420
Cannabis and Your Health

How to, when to, what to? maximize effect and save money!?