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I was chosen as one of ten finalists in North America for Grow Strong Industries – Gorilla Grow/KIND LED Grow Lights/Lotus Nutrients/Super Closet – inaugural “Grow Strong Cup” cannabis grow-off last year. We used their lights, tents and nutrients.
Plants were grown in soil and documented. You can learn how I did it through the videos below!

We expect all viewers to use this information for educational purposes only and to follow all state and local laws.

Indoor Growing Videos


This series of eight short videos takes you through germination of seeds all the way through the vegetative stage, ready to flower! We start with basic tent and growing setup…

Tent & Light Build

Basics you need

TimeLapse and real-time video of building a grow tent and the pieces you may need to setup your first grow. This was all done by one person. Having a second person makes it easier BUT is not necessary.

Planting - 5 Steps

steps & soil mix

An easy way to start your cannabis seeds and ways to help successful growth, this video demonstrates our five steps for soil mix and seed prep, as well as setting the environment for germination.

Cannabis Cloning

How I do it

This is how I have EASILY and successfully cloned cannabis plants. This video will go through a list of materials needed as well as an actual cutting and cloning from a mother plant.

Veg Cycle - Day 9

Internode Spacing

Entering Week Two of Vegetation Stage, an explanation of ‘Internodal Spacing’ and why it is important, as well as a comparison of the Kind LED light X80 to a competitors light in regards to node growth.


before and after

My method for transplanting cannabis from a one gallon plastic pot to a seven gallon fabric pot, from soil mix to next-day video clips, in easy to understand terms. The soil mix is shown in “Planting-5 Steps!” video and exact ratios are available upon request.

Veg Cycle - Day21

plant placement
A quick update of status of my Grow Strong Industries “Grow Strong Cup” plants. We were at Day 21 of Veg Cycle when this was created. It shows plants, light status as well as explains logic behind placement and number of plants in the tent.

Veg Cycle - Day29

Defoliate/SCROG intro

Entering Week Two of Vegetation Stage, an explanation of ‘Internodal Spacing’ and why it is important, as well as a comparison of the Kind KED light X80 to a competitors light in regards to node growth.

Veg Cycle - Day 34

SCROG Install

We will cover installation of a SCROG or “Screen of Green” trellis netting in the tent, with two ways to do it.After SCROG installation, we will defoliate and position branches for maximum node exposure. A lot of TimeLapse is employed to illustrate the process


“Flipping” to flower and the beginning of the fragrant times! From beginning of the flower cycle, through trichome inspection and harvest, as well as drying, curing and TASTING!

Flower - Day 5

Light change
A quick update on tent conditions, SCROG status and general conditions of the Grow Strong Cup grow. We are out of vegetative stage and into the flowering stage. Light schedule was changed to 12 hours on/12 hours off. Pants are responding well and starting to bolt.

Flower - Day 12


Week 2 of Flower! Plants are filling the SCROG and the internodal spacing is dense! Also, some great shots of the javelinas (Collared Peccaries) and hawks

Flower - Day 20

owl sounds

Progress report on Kyle’s OG Skywalker Kush plants in a Gorilla Grow 4’x2’tent using KIND LED Grow Lights and Lotus Nutrients. SCROG progress, defoliation and canopy information.

Flower - Day 28

canopy growth

First trichome devlopment and UV/IR levels touched upon, short and to the point.

Flower Day 33

Brief look

Really short look at the canopy progress. No information really imparted, but a good look at typical development at this stage of growth.

Flower Day 41

Storm view

Lotus Nutrient discussion as well as introduction of BudBusterPro , a spray I use to increase lateral branching. Great product and brilliant staff.

Flower Day 48

a great forest!

BUD CITY!!! Going into the last weeks of flower and it looks great! Defoliated, so buds only! Mention of Preybird Farms, great genetics from Strainly! Wish we had “smell-o-vision”!

Flower Day 55

Trichome Development

Last push before finishing! How do you know it is ready?We discuss trichome development, look under a microscope and impart how that applies to harvesting.

Flower Day 64



Everything is showing nice color and trichome development. It looks like one more week to harvest!


Sticky days

Day 70 of Flower and the trichomes show me they are ready! So excited for this day! The video shows my drying set-up as well as my target RH and temperatures for the duration of my drying. I dry for at least fourteen days, often up to seventeen. LOW AND SLOW!



This one is fun! We finish the drying, trim the bud and SQUISH the trim into delicious solventless rosin on our Low Temp Rosin Press! All the bud goes into Grove Bags for curing, we stopped doing that whole ‘mason jar routine’ a long time ago!

Bud/Rosin Totals

pretty & tasty

A wrap-up of the bud/rosin totals from the Grow Strong Cup. A pound of “TOP SHELF” and an ounce of solventless rosin for the stock shelf! Thanks for watching my grow, everybody!


During the contest, all participants were given a code for a discount offer to viewers. I hope to have something to offer to current viewers very soon!

I am not an employee nor a continued sponsored grower. That stated, since the end of the contest, I have purchased additional equipment as I do love the quality of it all.

30 second Public Service Announcement
45 second Rosin Press Review

I’ve been using a pneumatic press for almost two years and last year, I finally got the dollars for the Low Temp 4×7 V2! Really impressed with the whole thing, just a quick vid of first bud squishes! *NOTE* I’ve upgraded to the LT3 Controller, a new review on that is in progress.

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